Mystery Box!

One of our favourite things about owning a store was being able to sell all the little bits. Buttons, postcards, toy cars, thimbles, and, yes, at one point we had a bowl full of eyeballs. These bits made the store feel playful and fun and we loved when people discovered a little bit they treasured.

One point during our brick and mortar days, we started selling Mystery Bags filled with candy, and some little bits like postcards, pins and stickers. 

With Mystery Boxes, we are able to continue salvaging and selling the little bits in a bigger, fun, new way. Our aim is to recreate those moments of discovery like we had in the store! Every box is different and you wont know what's inside until you open it. We hand pack each one ourselves and try to put special stuff in each one. 

We encourage you to have fun with the boxes! If you receive something you don't like - pass it on to a friend or family member! 

Things you might find in your box:

  • magazines and comics
  • buttons and patches
  • toys and games
  • useful tools
  • greeting cards and postcards
  • knick knacks
  • a vintage mug
  • weird things!

PLEASE NOTE: Some box content might not be suitable for children. Please let us know if you need a kid friendly box!